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Family-Run Garage in Downton

We are a family-run business, dedicated to providing the finest quality customer service and highest standard of auto repair and service. There is no job that's too big for us, and we always communicate with our customers before carrying out any work, at our garages in Lymington, that hasn't been requested.

From Milk Floats to Garages in Downton

Our garage service was founded in 1996 by Stephen Andrews, who began his trade years repairing milk floats while working for a local dairy.

After working for a number of years as a car mechanic, Stephen started Downton Service Station as his own business. He later brought in two more qualified family members, including his son, Jack, who now operates The Garage Milford-on-Sea, to work beside him. Together, they provide high-quality MOT's, services and repairs to anyone in the local area.


Meet The Team


Daryl Stubbington (Stubby) -

Downtown Manager, Vehicle Technician & MOT Tester

Experience: Daryl has always been a very practical person, which drew him to this hands-on line of work. After many years of experience, he started working at Downton service station, in 2015, a few years after marrying Lucy and in to the family. His success at Downton has grown and he is now the team manager and is always on hand if you need help.

Dream Vehicle: Land Rover

First Car: Vauxhall Nova – Aqua


Lucy Stubbington -

Admin, Reception

Experience: Lucy has grown up with Downton Service Station, as part of the family. In 2021, she was brave enough to jump in and work with her dad, brother and husband. She is a fantastic asset to the team and is the friendly face you first see at Downton Service Station. She will be happy to help with booking, collations and everything in between.

Dream Vehicle: Golf GTI

First Car: Ford Fiesta – Purple

Dean Gager -

Vehicle Technician & MOT Tester

Experience: Dean had a love of cars from a young age and started his apprenticeships as soon as he could. He is happiest working on old Land Rovers and isn't afraid of a bit of mud. With many years of mechanical knowledge, he joined the Downton Service Station team in 2018. He is now teaching his boys the ropes and encouraging them to understand vehicle mechanics as well.

Dream Vehicle: Bus Pass

First Car: Series One Land Rover


Tom Green -

Vehicle Technician & MOT Tester

Experience: Tom is not only a fanatic mechanic but he is also a lawn mower racer. His interest in fixing things drew him to study as a mechanic straight from school. With many years in the industry, he came to join the team at Downton Service Station in 2020.

Dream Vehicle: Rat Rod (Homemade)

First Car: Mark 2 Ford Escort – Green


Stephen Andrews -

Owner, Vehicle Technician & MOT Tester

Experience: His love of vehicles started with motorbikes at a very young age when he competed in motorbike trials as a teenager. As his enjoyment and experience of mechanics grew, he jumped at the opportunity to acquire the workshop and started Downton Service Station in 1996. With hard work, Steve has built this very successful business, going on to welcoming his son Jack in as a partner in 2015. Together, they have grown their business further, by obtaining The Garage Milford-on-Sea in 2021.

Dream Vehicle: Ferrari

First Car: Austin A35



  Our Services

 We serve all makes and models at our garages in Lymington, whether it be for a simple oil check, a full service or any kind of engine work. As we say, no job is too big or too small. Just give us a call!

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Our Catchment Area

Downton Service Station covers a wide area including the towns and villages of Lymington, New Milton, Hordle, Ashley, Barton-On-Sea, Everton, Keyhaven and, of course, Downton.

Contact us today, on 01590 644 910 or at info@downtonservicestation.co.uk, to book a service, MOT, car repair or to ask us a question about your vehicle or our garage. We are always happy to help.





Where to Find Us

We are situated on the main road (A337) between Lymington and New Milton, near the crossroads of Downton Lane and Hordle Lane with Christchurch Road. We are right beside the Royal Oak Pub in Downton.

Want to Speak to an Expert?

If you would like to ask a question about your issue or the services we can provide, just call us on 01590 644 910, or send us an email, at info@downtonservicestation.co.uk, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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