MOT and Repair Garage Lymington New Milton
MOT and Repair Garage Lymington New Milton

Our garage in Lymington offers a variety of vehicle repair services. 


What We Can Do

MOT and Repair Garage Lymington New Milton

We specialise in performing MOT tests and servicing. Book your MOT now!


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Engine Repair and Car Repair Garage in Lymington and New Milton

Car Maintenance and Repair Services in Lymington and Milford-on-sea

No vehicle servicing or repair job is too much for us to handle. With our qualified team of mechanics and combined extensive experience in vehicle testing, repair and maintenance, you can contact us with any issue, and we will resolve it for you.

Our Lymington garage mechanics will always check with you before carrying out any work you haven’t requested, and in the rare event that you have an issue that we don’t cover, we can put you in touch with the best people who do. 




Diagnostics, Repairs and Vehicle Servicing


Visit our MOT page for more on MOT testing


Diagnostics and Repairs

If you have a problem with your air conditioning, battery, warning lights, brake pads, ABS, suspension, engine, clutch, gearbox, hydraulics, rust – anything at all, we can help you.



Car, Van, and 4x4 Service

We can carry out anything from a simple oil change to a full service, on all vehicle makes and models. We check over every part of the vehicle to ensure it is safe to drive, and we always advise you before we carry out any work you haven’t requested.



Has your vehicle broken down?

 If you are anywhere in the local area, we are able to drive out to you and tow your car back to our garage near Milford-on-sea and Lymington where it can be repaired. Just call us on 01590 644910.



Car Repairs and Services That We Offer

Van Engine Repair Garage in Lymington and New Milton

Engine Repairs

If there is a problem with your car, or if you have an unknown issue with your engine – we have the expertise to provide the help you need. Simply tell us the issue or describe the symptoms your car is exhibiting. We can then take a look at your vehicle and make the repairs if you want them carried out.

Car part replacement at Auto Garage in Lymington and New Milton


Whether it’s your suspension, hydraulics, exhaust, brake pads, break discs, the clutch, gearbox or the battery – we can make replacements where necessary and make your car safe to drive again.


Auto Air Conditioning and AC repair garage in Lymington and New Milton

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning servicing and repairs is one of our specialities. We can detect pressure levels and identify leaks in the system to pinpoint exactly where issues are and what’s causing them. Our mechanics are fully qualified to address and fix any issue you have with your AC.

Car Electrical System Diagnostics Garage in Lymington and New Milton


We've invested heavily in the latest software to diagnose any electronic system issue. Whether your battery is draining unnecessarily, or you have an ABS issue, mis-fire or dashboard warning light – we can easily identify the cause by linking to your vehicle’s on board computer.




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We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your vehicle or our garage services. Call us on

01590 644910



Complete List of Our Garage Services


We are a VOSA approved Class 4 MOT Test Station able to carry out MOT tests on both petrol and diesel engines.



Regular service is important for maintenance, efficiency and integrity of your vehicle.


The newest software allows us to identify and resolve any electrical issue.


Engine Repairs

We can repair and replace where necessary.

Braking System

Whether it's your car brake pads, brake discs or the ABS system – we can fix whatever is needed.


Cooling System 

If you need help with your cooling systems we can repair and/or replace.


Coils, springs, shock absorbers, suspension arms – we can replace what’s needed.


Exhaust Replacements

We can easily replace your exhaust with a brand new one if required.

Battery Replacements

We can provide and install new batteries where required.


Gearbox Repair/Replacement

We can arrange to have your vehicle gearbox fixed if possible, or replaced if it is beyond repair.




Car pick up and delivery services Garage Lymington and New Milton

We're happy to collect and deliver you or your car. Nothing is too much!

We can pick up and drop off your vehicle for servicing, but if you prefer to drop it off yourself, we will happily give you a lift to the nearest bus stop, train station or even back home if you're not too far away. We go the extra mile for our customers wherever possible We love getting to know who we're working for and using this option allows you to get to know us as well.

We also offer our customers the option of using our courtesy cars whilst your vehicle servicing is underway.  

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